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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rothco Scholarship Student Excels!

Anna Kraus is a Rothco scholarship recipient for 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 academic years. Anna is attending the Rochester Institute of Technology, carrying a full course load, and earning a 3.6 GPA  – majoring in Bio-Molecular Chemistry!

Image from Happenings - Girl Scout Magazine
Featuring Anna
During the interview portion of our scholarship selection process, Rothco offered Anna the opportunity to conduct her interview by e-mail, because she is deaf.  Anna refused.  We scheduled the interview and discovered that Anna does not let her deafness define her.  Rather she views it as a way to help and encourage other students.  We were very proud and honored to offer our scholarship to this deserving young woman, and we look forward to watching her succeed.

Recently, Anna won the Girl Scout USA’s 2014 Young Women of Distinction award.

As an active and accomplished young deaf woman, Ann worked tirelessly for 3 years to amend the NY State Testing and Accommodation guidelines for Students with Disabilities. She is both bright and determined, and Rothco is very proud to be a part of her success!

Read more about her success here & view a video featuring Anna discussing her accomplishments

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Must Haves

Army Navy stores have long been known as the go to source for authentic Halloween Costumes and with just a few key items, you have got the perfect costume. Below Rothco has highlighted 6 spooktacular items you've just got to have!

1. Face paint not only helps you create the perfect Army Man, it is also great for make-up effects.
2. Dog Tags - another great Army Man essential.
3. Sun glasses can be a part of a dozen different costumes including a pilot, cop, or just a cool dude. 

4. Handcuffs - another great law enforcement
accessory, perfect for anyone playing cops or robbers this Halloween

5. Any classic military hat! From a campaign hat to a fatigue hat, they are a great way to "top-off" a costume. 

6. The bandana - I could sit here for hours listing the costumes this items is perfect for... From Rosie to Rambo a lot of classic costumes would not be complete without this icon accessory. 

For more great looks be sure to checkout our Costume Catalog or visit 

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