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Friday, July 31, 2015

Christmas Charity In July

Last year Rothco broke our Holiday Charity goal by raising over $200,000 and this year we are setting the even bar higher and have already started raising money. 

Rothco is pleased and proud that the warehouse staff has pledged 100% participation to our holiday charity program.  Each warehouse employee will be donating the proceeds of one vacation day to our sponsored charities. That one small act has helped raise over $10,000 for our a Holiday Charity Program already. 

Throughout our 60 years in business, Rothco has dedicated itself to giving back to the community. From establishing our very own Scholarship Fund to working local charities; our Christmas Charity Fund is especially important because each and every one of Rothco's employees contribute to this special cause. 

Last Years Charity Goals! 

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rothco's Growing Line of Concealed Carry Gear

Rothco is big on concealed carry; over the past year we’ve added 7 brand new concealed carry items from the latest Lightweight Concealed Carry Jacket to the popular Soft Shell Concealed Carry Jacket. Over that time, we’ve added new colors to existing favorites as well as introduced brand new items like the 3 Season Concealed Carry Jacket. Rothco currently offers 5 styles of concealed carry jackets and vest, 6 different bags and packs featuring concealed carry compatibility, and 6 different holsters designed for concealment. We aren’t stopping there, be on the lookout for our Concealed Carry Hoodie and Lightweight Professional Concealed Carry Vest coming out later this year. Take a look at all the concealed carry gear we have to offer below.

Jackets and VestsBags and PacksHolsters
Rothco 3 Season
Concealed Carry Jacket
Rothco Medium Transport PackRothco Ankle Holster
Rothco Concealed Carry
Soft Shell Jacket
Rothco Concealed Carry BagRothco Ambidextrous
Concealed Elastic
Belly Band Holster
Rothco Lightweight
Concealed Carry Jacket
Rothco Advanced Tactical BagRothco Inside Pant Holster
Rothco Plainclothes
Concealed Carry Vest
Rothco Tactisling Transport PackRothco Pocket Holster
Rothco Concealed Carry
Soft Shell Vest
Rothco Global Assault PackRothco MOLLE Concealed Carry Pouch
Rothco Specialist Range and Go BagRothco Ambidextrous
Compact Belt Slide

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rothco's Got Your Back With Our Tactical Packs

Rothco's Medium Transport Packs are the perfect backpacks for the Back To School season. Not only does Rothco have a massive selection; over a dozen and counting including our new Two-Tone Black & OD and Coyote & Black, the pack is extremely versatile. From books to equipment, there is nothing this bag can't store. 

Rothco's Transport Pack Features:
 - MOLLE Compatibility
 - Tons of storage compartments
 - Water Repellent Lining
 - Hydration Compatibility
 - Padded Back
 - Padded Straps

 - Top & Adjustable Straps
 - And More! 

In addition to our solid and camo options, Rothco also has a Canvas Version of the Medium Transport Pack and a Single Sling Adaptation. 

Whether you are taking this pack out on a hike, using to store your survival gear or filling it with books, this is the Ultimate Back Pack for anyone. 


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Friday, July 17, 2015

Learn More About Our Direct Order System

Rothco's Direct Ordering System [must be logged in as dealer to view] will cut your order time down significantly; ultimately saving you time, labor and money. The useful tool hides product details such as the description, specifications, images; giving you a seamless grid system to place orders.

To learn more about our Direct Ordering System [must be logged in as dealer to view], Rothco has put together a Step-By-Step video highlighting the platform.